New green fund offers installer opportunity

A new green fund has been launched to enable commercial buildings to deploy the latest energy saving technologies.

Schools, hospitals, local government offices, factories and private companies can all now benefit from The Energy Saving Network, launched in conjunction with Leads2Trade, and avoid paying for technologies such as LED lights, heat pumps, biomass boilers, wind turbines and PV systems up front.

The Energy Saving Network is funded by investors who say they will aim a percentage of the returns towards rainforest preservation.

The network’s managing director, John Cohen, says this fund will provide a huge opportunity for renewable energy installers.

He said: “The reality is that the overriding economic conditions mean that installers may have projects on hold or stuck because the end-user doesn’t have the capital expenditure to push it along.

“With this fund these projects can now go ahead – outstanding quote logs can now be turned into orders and the building owner will pay for the work through the energy saving measures.

“Once installers have been accepted onto the preferred suppliers list, they have access to Energy Saving Network funding. This means they will be able to fill their order book up with major commercial contracts and any of their clients with an energy spend of 30k of more per-annum will qualify.”