RSPB joins green revolution

Installer Natural Power Wales has completed a project to install solar thermal panels on the warden’s house at RSPB Ramsey Island in Pembrokeshire.

Prior to this work hot water was supplied via an immersion heater, which needed a generator and a gas Rayburn to run it. The new installation will provide 60 per cent of the island’s hot water needs over a 12 month period and means the Rayburn can now be turned off in summer, saving gas.

This is the latest move by RSPB Cymru to bring renewable technologies to the island, which has no mains power or gas, after solar PV panels and a wind turbine were installed there in 2010.

Lloyd Reed, technical director of Natural Power, said: “The installation of solar thermal panels to Ramsey Island will mean that nearly 90 percent of the island’s energy will be supplied through renewable technologies, which is a great achievement. The project demonstrates that it is possible to harvest the power of our natural resources to achieve a more sustainable way of living, without compromising the great natural beauty or wildlife of the island, and we hope it inspires others to consider introducing renewable technologies to their homes and businesses.”

RSPB Ramsey Island warden Greg Morgan, added: “Through introducing renewable technologies such as the solar PV panels and wind turbine, we have already been able to lower our carbon emissions and save precious money, through less reliance on our diesel generator, which can now be spent on conservation work at the reserve.

“Renewable technologies have already been incorporated successfully into our sensitive and special landscape and this is the next step.”