Kiwa GASTEC offers heat metering workshop

Low carbon consultancy and training provider Kiwa GASTEC says it has responded to the low rate of RHI application approvals with a tailored half-day workshop.

Ofgem, which administers the non-domestic RHI, revealed in its quarterly report in May that 95 per cent of applications had been refused with heat metering being a significant issue.

Cheltenham-based Kiwa GASTEC has now created the workshop – entitled ”Heat Metering for the RHI – Get it Right First Time” – to help overcome this obstacle by providing guidance on choosing the most appropriate meter, locating meters, data collection and handling techniques.

David Parsons, head of training and assessment, said: “Having been involved in reporting to government on the technical practicalities of RHI roll out, as well as providing independent assessment reports to successful RHI Applicants, we feel confident that participants in our workshops will benefit from our broad experience and recognition of the challenges awaiting them.  A big potential bonus is to use the workshop to network with other RHI applicants and avoid having to repeat their mistakes.”

The course takes place on 20th July in Kiwa GASTEC’s Renewable Energy Centre, near Cheltenham.