Inverters with power

Inverter manufacturers Power-One has unveiled its second generation of micro-inverters – the improved AURORA MICRO-0.3-I and AURORA MICRO-0.25-I.

With outputs of 250W and 300W, Power-One says the new products offer a broader DC input voltage range with a maximum of 65Vdc, an extended MPP DC voltage range and an enhanced MPPT control with reduced DC input current ripple.

“How micro-inverters will be incorporated into the solar installations of the future is currently one of the hot topics within the Residential PV industry”, said Paolo Casini, vice president, product marketing at Power-One.

“As the devices are directly connected to each individual solar panel, there is no need for string sizing nor to stand to any constraint in terms of topology and orientation of the PV modules not to mention the reduction of the effect of module aging. Moreover, Power-One’s AURORA MICRO micro-inverters offer many benefits to small rooftop installations including the speed and ease of installation, increased control of individual panels and maximized energy harvesting for every installation – regardless of its size.

“It is our belief that micro-inverters will soon become a very popular option for residential installers as the setup times will be reduced without affecting the installation’s energy harvesting capablities. In addition, micro-inverters also reduce the susceptibility to fault: in case of a component failure only the energy produced from the affected PV module will be lost.”