Evance and Zephyr collaborate on wind

Loughborough-based small wind turbine manufacturer Evance and Japanese wind manufacturers Zephyr have joined forces to provide complimentary products across Europe and Asia.

Under this agreement, Evance says it will provide the Japanese manufactured 1kW turbine, Airdolphin, designed for off-grid battery and on-grid applications, to corporate organisations across Europe. In turn, Evance’s R9000 will be available via Zephyr to customers across Asia.

“We have seen considerable interest in renewable energy within telecoms and other corporate organisations across Europe, and saw the potential of complementing our product portfolio with a smaller highly featured turbine that would benefit this base consumer,” said Kevin Parslow, ceo of Evance Wind Turbines.

“Following our successful discussions with the team at Zephyr we see this as the start of a long term working relationship, which will give both companies a stronger presence both in Europe and Asia,” he added.

Tomoya Endo, ceo of Zephyr, said: “Across Asia there is huge potential for farmers, homeowners, businesses and Government agencies to take up renewable energy, especially as Japan is due to introduce a Feed-in Tariff in July this year. A high quality, reliable and efficient small turbine would benefit these customers and complement our portfolio.

“We were determined to find a partner that shared our ethos of providing high quality reliable products and service to customers. Our investigation of the small scale turbines available on the market today showed the Evance turbine to be best in its class. So we are very pleased to be able to work with Evance.”