Enact Energy launches Green Deal service

Enact Energy has launched a package designed to enable local authorities to offer residents a way of benefiting from Green Deal.

The company says the service, which is free for local authorities to participate in, allows a council to endorse and brand literature and benefit from  proactive marketing campaigns fully funded by Enact.

In return for endorsing and partnering with Enact, local authorities will benefit from access to all data collected from their own branded marketing campaign through an online portal and regular reports.  Information will include number and type of works installed, results of customer satisfaction surveys, results from post installation inspections to ensure quality is being maintained and full EPC energy data for all homes assessed.

Adrian Wright, founder and chairman of Enact, said: “Having worked with and on behalf of local authorities for more than 16 years, we fully understand how difficult it can be for home energy efficiency campaigns to be properly resourced both in terms of officer time and the financial cost of delivery.

“Whilst some larger authorities are stepping forwards as potential Green Deal Providers, we believe the majority simply do not have the time, the funding or the operational capacity to deliver what is a very complex service which comes with uncertain long term liabilities.

“By partnering with Enact, authorities can have a dedicated Green Deal service up and running in a matter of weeks without the need to go through costly and complicated procurement processes which will themselves require an in depth knowledge of Green Deal to draw up.”