Canadian Solar put through its paces

PV manufacturer Canadian Solar has supplied modules to a German research and testing facility to measure the designed efficiency increases of its ELPS technology.

The three hectare site located in Werlte, northern Germany, initiated by Institut für Erneuerbare Energien (IEE) GmbH will put 1MW of the company’s ELPS solar modules through its paces in an environment not typically seen as the most appropriate for PV installations.

Jörg Klingenberg of IEE explained: “The Northern part of German is incorrectly seen to be less interesting for PV installations. We want to show which advantages result from lower temperatures and therefore a lower decrease of performance of the modules. Thus we have chosen the technologically leading Canadian Solar modules with the new ELPS technology.”

Dr Shawn Qu, chairman and ceo of Canadian Solar, added: “Increasing efficiency is the most important topic for the solar industry. With our ELPS technology we made a big leap as our most recent in-house test showed results of 21.1 percent efficiency with our proprietary mono ELPS solar cell. Therefore we are very pleased that this technology will be used in Werlte.”