Segen and Yingli form product partnership

Renewable technology distributors Segen has agreed a partnership with Chinese manufacturers Yingli Green Energy to supply its products in the UK under the brand ‘Yingli Solar’.

Segen will now stock YGE245, PANDA 250 and PANDA 265 modules which, according to Yingli, have average efficiencies higher than 18.5 per cent.

Segen’s managing director, Andy Pegg, said: “Yingli is a good quality, respected manufacturer within the international marketplace. There is clear market demand for their products due to their cost-effectiveness and quality. We are delighted to stock and re-sell the Yingli Solar modules to our growing customer base.”

Yiyu Wang, Yangli’s chief strategy officer, added: “Segen is at the forefront of the renewable technology distribution market within the UK. Their business growth and reputation as an industry leader was crucial to us when looking for a trusted partner to distribute and resell our products throughout the UK.”