Renewables Roadshow branches out

The organisers of the Renewables Roadshow is launching a new range of exhibitions aimed at the energy efficiency market.

Due to launch in 2013, The Energy Efficient Home Shows will be will bring energy efficient technologies to a list of destinations due for release on 01 June.

Dan Caesar of the Energy Efficient Home Shows said: “We work with thousands of contractors, installers, manufacturers & merchants, all of whom are determined to take energy efficient technologies from the margins to the mainstream. We strongly believe that the Energy Efficient Home Shows can make that happen.

“We’ve designed the Energy Efficient Home Shows to bridge the knowledge gap that currently exists. For example, research demonstrates that while a high number of homeowners are interested in energy efficiency, a surprisingly low number of consumers understand the subject. In our educational theatres we will explain the Energy Performance Certificate, go through the Green Deal and clarify what energy efficient technologies work in which situations.”