Phono Solar partners with PODPASSIV

PV manufacturers Phono Solar has signed an agreement to exclusively manufacture, sell and distribute POD PV solar lamps around the world.

The first product to be made available through this arrangement is the POD PV – a solar lamp and portable device charger powered by a 2.5W solar module.

According to Phono Solar, the lamp is operated by infrared remote control and the module provides, on average, sufficient power for 6-8 hours light from a single day’s solar charge. The LED bulb cup on the underside of the lamp (12V/2W, equivalent to a 15W bulb) has an expected life span of 30,000 hours, and operates in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 to 60°C.

Through the use of a separate module, the POD PV lamp is interchangeable with a charger for mobile phones and portable devices. The internal battery pack in the POD PV consists of three 0.75AH Li-on batteries with an expected life of 2,900 hours.

Marianna Hall, vice-president of Phono Solar, said: “We are very pleased to have created this important partnership with PODPASSIV. In manufacturing, distributing and selling these products around the world, we hope to provide pioneering solutions to individuals in need, meet the demand for green innovations and promote sustainability in the future.”

Charlie Greig, designer and founder of PODPASSIV, said: “PODPASSIV is delighted to announce the appointment of Phono Solar as its exclusive worldwide distributor.  The first of our innovative solutions, POD PV, a unique solar lamp and portable device charger will be available shortly. The level of professional service we have received during the R&D process has been second to none.  We look forward to a long and profitable future together. ”