Peak performance

Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) has launched the REC Peak Energy Eco – a new module which it says is produced with lead free smoldering.

According to the company, reducing the lead content in its new module has made the Peak Energy Eco a much more environmentally-friendly product whilst retaining the performance levels of REC’s other modules.

REC’s environmental commitment also includes the company’s proprietary Fluidized Bed Reactor (FBR) process, which it says uses 90 percent less energy to produce silicon than competing technologies.

“We are seeing that an increasing number of our customers and regulators require information about the environmental footprint of solar solutions,” said Luc Graré, senior vice president, sales and marketing, cells and modules, REC. “The development of the REC Peak Energy Eco module demonstrates REC’s commitment to developing high-performing technologies that are safe and sustainable throughout the lifecycle.”