Leggett and Johns applaud German solar record

Two of the UK PV industry’s most high profile figures have spoken in praise of Germany’s reported solar output world record.

According to the Institute of the Renewable Energy Industry (IWR) in Muenster, 22GW of solar power was fed into Germany’s national grid per hour on Saturday – equivalent to the output of 20 nuclear power stations.

Solarcentury chairman and PV campaigner Jeremy Leggett used the opportunity to criticise the nuclear agenda by exclusively telling Renewable Energy Installer: “If I were working in the nuclear industry, I would be very nervous.

“This real data comes on top of the estimates of (global consultancy firm) McKinsey & Company earlier this month: 1,000 GW of economic solar PV potential globally by 2020. I think this kind of thing, on top of their innate failures means nuclear is dying now.”

Southern Solar’s managing director, Howard Johns, added: “Germany’s achievements show what is possible with real visionary leadership. A fantastic step on the path to 100% renewable energy. It also illustrates what could be possible if conditions were right in the UK.”