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Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has  installed solar panels Phoenix Renewable Technologies to the flat roofs of its headquarters building in Winsford

Following an intense tender process and detailed design consultation Phoenix Renewable Technologies of Staffordshire were chosen to complete the project for the fire service.

The installed system consists of 192 x Suntech STP245S-20WD solar panels connected to 5 KACO Powador TL 10 inverters. The panels are mounted on K2 A-frames at a pitch of 15˚. The first roof had 120 Suntech panels installed together with 3 KACO Powador TL 10 Inverters. The second roof installation consisted of 72 Suntech panels with 2 KACO Powador TL 10 inverters. The inverters convert the DC electricity generated by the PV systems into AC electricity that can be used  to power systems within the headquarters.

It is estimated that the system will generate 41,549KWh per year and has a power output of 47.04KWp. With the successful completion of the system at Cheshire Fire and Rescue headquarters, Phoenix Renewable Technologies has been awarded two more installations at the Winsford and Runcorn fire stations.

The installation of the system onto the Winsford Fire Station consists of 40 LG 250S1C panels with a Fronius IG Plus 120V-3 inverter secured to the flat roof using Avasco roof mounting equipment. The peak power output of the system is 10kWp with an estimated annual generation of 8,917.0kWh.

The Runcorn Fire Station installation is due to be completed in two phases.

Richard Ost, assistant chief fire officer said: “These installations demonstrate the strength of our commitment in reducing the impact the organisation has on the environment.”