OFT to focus on energy efficiency

The Office of Fair Trading has announced today that it will be undertaking a project looking at competition and consumer issues in the domestic energy efficiency market.

OFT have notified DECC of this project which, in turn, has agreed to work closely with them to take it forward. This bulletin is designed to alert stakeholders to this OFT project and to strongly encourage you to engage and respond to the call for evidence, which focuses on the home insulation market, so that a wide range of views are taken into account. This project complements the strategic work of DECC’s Energy Efficiency Deployment Office and the wider Energy Efficiency Call for Evidence (closes tomorrow, 4 April).

For our carbon saving objectives to be delivered cost effectively, it is critical that the relevant markets are working as effectively and competitively as possible and that consumers get a good deal.

Looking ahead, Green Deal will be focused on driving market competition with consumer protections at its heart – not least, rules to prevent unfair selling practices, insurance-backed warranties to cover the work, a Green Deal quality mark, accredited advice, accreditation of installers and transparent reporting practices.

This OFT project is a timely and important piece of work as DECC looks to finalise the arrangements for introducing the Green Deal.