Infinite Energy uses new eMIG monitoring system

Infinite Energy has announced it is the first solar energy company to use the new eMIG monitoring system, manufactured and developed by White Solar Systems. It is designed to enable both commercial and domestic customers to monitor the energy that they are producing from their solar panel installations.

The company says that commercial customers are able to receive remote summarised readings from multiple sites which is far less time consuming than staff having to physically go and take an up to date reading and from different sites; thus giving a consolidated view of the energy being generated.  The eMIG monitoring system provides readings every half an hour so performance can be monitored, it can also send alerts via email or SMS when performance is lower than expected thus providing an indication of any problem which can be rectified quickly.

No communication infrastructure is required such as broadband or WiFi, the system uses the GSM mobile network and selects the strongest signal from all the network providers.  The system is pre-built into the equipment and is easy for Infinite Energy to install.

Infinite Energy includes this efficient monitoring system with all their commercial installations and in addition, provides a monitoring and interpretation service which includes a site visit if any problems are identified enabling their customers to continue their day-to-day business.

Space Station, a self storage company in the UK, is one of the first companies where Infinite Energy used the eMIG system with its installation of over 200kWp of solar PV (photovoltaic) over five different sites.

Sam Tilley, managing director of Solar Energy, said: “We are always researching innovative ways to help our customers and this monitoring system is just an excellent way of keeping a watchful eye over both individual and multiple site installations.  We are even offering it as an option to our domestic customers too. Providing a better service to our customers is paramount. ”

David Minnis, technical director of White Solar Systems, added: “We are pleased to be working together with Infinite Energy.  The company is innovative in their thinking and have provided us with great new ideas for the future of the eMIG system. “