Industry must think long term, says IBC Solar

PV distributor IBC Solar is urging the PV industry to maintain market momentum.

According to Ofgem, almost 800MW of PV was installed in the UK during 2011 propelling the nation to eighth in the global solar league tables. Germany-based IBC Solar is now attempting to rally the industry to maintain that rate throughout 2012 despite any uncertainty created by reductions to the Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

“Something remarkable happened during 2011,” said UK managing director Andreas Heinrichs. “The enthusiasm for PV among UK homeowners has created market momentum and it’s essential that our industry strives to maintain that.

“We have seen subsidies come and go during 30 years of being at the heart of the German PV industry. Even today, some markets are viable without FiTs. Installers who plan for the long term will be successful and the outlook for the industry will be sunny.”