Green Deal providers step forward

22 organisations have met with climate minister Greg Barker to sign an agreement with government to work to become the first Green Deal providers.

The organisations who have signed today’s memorandum of understanding at DECC include big business, SMEs and a community group. Green Deal providers will be offering energy efficiency packages to consumers when the scheme in scheduled to launch later this year.

The government says it will be working with the pioneers to ensure the move from testing into a managed launch in October works seamlessly and provides a good customer experience from day one.

Greg Barker said: “The signing of this agreement between government and business pioneers represents a watershed moment in the development of the Green Deal.

“The commitment shown today highlights the opportunity organisations see in the Green Deal from community groups, SMEs to big business which only bodes well for the scheme’s future success.

“We will be working with these organisations to ensure they can fulfil the potential they have demonstrated today and become the first to offer Green Deals.”

The list of organisations, in alphabetical order, who have signed the agreement are:

Ampere GDP
Anglian Home Improvements
British Gas
CarbonLow Group
Empower Community
Enact Energy
Gentoo Group
Grafton Group
Insta Group
Mark Group (
ReEnergise Finance
SIG plc
Toriga Energy
Willmott Dixon Energy Services
Yorkshire Energy Services

In response to the signing today, Paul Sellars, chairman, BritishEco, said: “We wholeheartedly support the aims of the Green Deal and wish to use our practical skills and experience in the renewables sector to contribute to the development phase of the Green Deal through our signing the MoU. We wish to be involved with the Green Deal from the start. Everybody can in some way benefit. It is a very exciting proposal where all who use the Green Deal will benefit from lower energy costs. There are real long term gains.”

John Egan, ceo, Enact Energy Renewables Limited, said: “Enact is pleased to be a part of the Pioneer Green Deal Provider Group. The Green Deal promises to move the renewable and energy saving market on from the consideration of individual technologies and measures to a genuine ‘whole house’ approach to improving the energy performance of UK homes.”

Phil Gilbert, head of energy innovation, E.ON, said: “Green Deal has the potential to help millions of customers to improve their homes, cut their fuel bills and their carbon emissions, without needing to find the upfront investment. This is a green revolution in home improvements and it’s vital that customers have confidence in the improvements and in the companies delivering them. This agreement brings together government and many other players to ensure a full, joined up solution for the launch in October.”

Toby Gordon, director of finance, Kingfisher Future Homes, said: “We are pleased to sign this MOU. It offers the chance to test our systems and processes ahead of the scheme’s launch in October. Whilst we will offer customers a range of financing options, the ‘Green Deal’ provides an innovative way to help people enjoy the benefits of energy savings whilst paying for it at no upfront cost.”

Bill Rumble, chief commercial officer, Mark Group, said: “At Mark Group, we have four decades of experience installing home energy saving measures and are extremely excited about the prospects offered by the Green Deal. By signing the Memorandum of Understanding today we are not only showing our support for the Government’s plans, but also our commitment to helping every homeowner across the UK to enjoy living in a more comfortable, more energy efficient home.”

John Higgins, finance director, Stroma Group, said: “Stroma is extremely pleased to be signing the Green Deal MoU today and committing to assist DECC through this final phase as a ‘pioneer’ Green Deal Provider. We are delighted to be involved in this process, which will culminate in the introduction of this new and innovative financial framework later in the year. As an organization with energy and carbon reduction already at its core, all too often we see obvious opportunities for energy-efficiency improvement falter due to lack of funding. Green Deal will facilitate funding and avoid the need for consumers to pay upfront costs, allowing the right energy investment choices to be made.”

William Edrich, chief executive officer, Yorkshire Energy Services CIC, said: “It is an honour to work with DECC be representing the SME’s within the Green Deal Pilot. We have over 11 years experience delivering innovative and ground breaking energy efficiency schemes like the Green Deal and look forward to demonstrating our expertise in order to shape and model an effective Green Deal process. YES work within the local community and excel in the delivery of community based work. Our ethos as a community interest company is to invest profits made back into schemes to further assist communities and are committed to supporting the local economy.”