Conergy offers transferable warranty

Conergy says it has exposed weaknesses in customer protection against faulty solar panels.

According to the Hamburg-based company, its new product warranty PremiumPlus addresses these issues by covering 12 years rather than 10. It is also fully transferable so, if the property is sold, the guarantees will remain in force for the new property owner.

Conergy adds that most warranties require customers to pay for the transport of replacement panels from their source of manufacture in China or Germany. PremiumPlus will reimburse those costs.

Robert Goss, managing director of Conergy UK, said: “If a property with solar panels is sold on to someone else, you don’t want to find your warranty is invalidated, nor would you want to go to court in Germany or China if you find you’ve a fault.

“This may be OK with consumer electronics, but solar is a long-term investment and needs its own standards of customer protection. We’re offering a simplified and extended claims process so British customers are guaranteed the installation they paid for.”