Working model

Kyle Harris, an installer with Cleaner Air Solutions, describes his route into PV installations and why he enjoys working where he does.

Following a period of unemployment, due to an injury, 23 year old Kyle Harris, secured a job with Cleaner Air Solutions. He began his solar installation training at the Renewable Energy Academy run by the company and located next to Cleaner Air Solution’s headquarters in Durham. The academy works closely with Sharp Solar and the  training includes various types of systems such as flat roofs and building integrated PVs, so Cleaner Air employees can be prepared for any job.

Harris went from graduating from his training, to a full- time job at Cleaner Air Solutions within a solar team. The company says its large client base and trusted reputation offers Harris numerous opportunities to travel across the country. Each of the teams consists of an electrician, roofer and labourer. Since his employment Harris has progressed to head up his own team whom often join forces with other teams and members for larger scale jobs. 

Very aware of recent developments of how the public view solar installers after an influx of ‘solar cowboys’ and much media attention surrounding them, Harris is keen to maintain the solar industry’s reputation. His recommendation is to choose an established solar PV installer and to look for reviews and recommendations from past jobs the installer/company have done. He prides himself on the fact that Cleaner Air Solutions’ installers are MCS certificated and maintain exceptional professional standards from the initial call through to after-sales satisfaction.  

Terry Skee, commercial director of Cleaner Air Solutions, says: “Kyle can be hugely proud of his achievements and he typifies the kind of employee we look to bring in, develop and add to our workforce.

“The renewable energy sector is growing exponentially and will be crucial in creating jobs and reducing unemployment in areas like the North East where austerity measures have led to widespread job cuts.”