Team effort pays off

Solfex Energy Systems and southern regional installer Ocean Solar recently undertook a 16kw system in the South West of England. This comprised of 66 panels of the Kioto 225w/p Module.

The installation was carried out on The New Forest Enterprise Centre, local to the New Forest National Park, an area of renowned natural beauty.

The investment was discussed in many ways prior to the install being taken out due to planning and also the return of investment. As this was a major investment the New Forest Enterprise Centre confirmed how pleased it was with the saving made  on co2 emissions.

Ken Budden of Ocean Solar, commented: “This is a very nice project to be have been involved with and also having carried out a lot of installations in the surrounding areas, this is the most bespoke system and largest we have carried out.”

The company used the Kioto KPV module with a 12 year manufactures product guarantee, a 97per cent module efficiency for the first year and then drops by 0.75 per cent reduction per annum this was proven to the customer using independent simulation software, which highlighted that the modules outperformed some rival cell modules, producing up to 10 per cent more Kwh per annum.

The module also boasts a low weight of only 16.5kg, which, says Solfex, was also ideal for this installation as 66 modules had to be lifted into place. In addition, the module was a low profile of 33mm. All these factors were taken into consideration because of the number of modules being installed.

The module has also passed IEC 67101 (the salt mist corrosion test) the atmospheric details for the salt mist corrosion with highly concentrated atmosphere so the end user is assured of a robust top quality and high performing module with the best warranty conditions, also being so close to the south of England the salt mist corrosion was also taken in to consideration before the installation was carried out.

Solfex and Ocean Solar both use in-house design engineers and all the necessary calculations such as the correct inverter selection for this project for the maximum yield and also the calculation of the wind loading structure were undertaken. The mounting system chosen was the On-Roof Tau system –  this was due to the roof being a trapezoidal roof and Solfex was able to offer the lateral fastening of fix clips to the raised bead for this particular project.

Solfex is delighted with the way this project was carried out and that everyone involved was pleased with the results. The system was installed in two days from start to finish.