Schueco re-invents the ProSol TF

In April 2012, a new look version of ProSol TF known as ProSol TF+, will be available from solar energy and building envelope specialist, Schueco. Designed as a BIPV product, Schueco say that the ProSol TF+ is an advanced, higher-efficiency thin-film PV module that produces a 30 per cent increase in electrical output over conventional PV thin-film products.

The company adds that the module’s performance is typically 80 Wp/m2 which is the result of a tandem cell structure that incorporates dual layers of microcrystalline and amorphous silicon, together with a special laminate foil (PVB). As well as generating electricity, ProSol TF+ can also act both as insulation and as solar shading, which could result in a reduction in the need for heating and air-conditioning.

In appearance, the new ProSol TF+ is different thanks to its new, deep anthracite colouring and the fact that, in addition to a standard rectangle, the modules can, for the first time, be specified in a variety of alternative shapes including triangles, parallelograms and rhomboids.

ProSol TF+ modules are available either as single glass panes for use in Schueco rainscreen façade systems or as part of double- or triple-glazed units incorporated into Schueco insulated façade systems such as FW 50+.SI.

Sizes range from 200 mm x 300 mm up to 2300 mm x 2600 mm with even larger sizes being possible using a ‘patchwork’ technique.

While the modules are supplied opaque for maximum power output, they can be customised by laser-cutting to present varying degrees of transparency ranging from 5 to 25 per cent. This makes them particularly versatile not only from a user point of view, but also from an architectural design perspective.

In addition to supplying the ProSol TF+ modules, Schueco UK says it provides the complete PV solution comprising either a cladding system or an insulated façade system together with all necessary electrical components including inverters, cabling and connectors.