No D no fee with Leads2Trade

Leads2Trade has reacted to the recent Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) consultation by signing an agreement to provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessments throughout the UK. 

The recent FIT consultation carried out by the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) proposed a raft of measures to stabilise the solar industry in the years ahead and provide clarity following months of uncertainty surrounding the FIT scheme.

One measure put forward was that all solar PV installations registered after April 1 2012 will require homes to be a level ‘D’ or above, in relation to the energy performance capabilities of the property, if they are to receive the full FIT value.

A home’s energy saving credentials is determined by a number of factors, such as cavity wall insulation, and is measured by an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). To ensure their network members can equip homeowners with the required level of certificate to benefit from the higher subsidy, Leads2Trade is offering solar installers a ‘no ‘D’ no fee’ assessment package.

Leads2Trade’s sales director, Andy Royle, said: “We have signed an official agreement to provide EPC assessments which will reach a level ‘D’ with complimentary free measures including cavity wall and loft insulation. If the house doesn’t attain a ‘D’ rating there is absolutely no cost for the solar installer.

“We understand that a quick turnaround is vital for solar installers, especially when you consider the current circumstances in the industry, so we also ensure that the EPC is completed within seven days and all associated measures within fourteen days, allowing for maximum installation time.”