Green Deal Roadshow draws to a close

The Green Deal Connections Roadshow came to an end last week following the completion of its final date at Salford Quays.

Organised by the Green Deal Skills Alliance, the half day events were free of charge and aimed to inform installers and other organisations about the skills requirements of the government’s flagship policy , the Green Deal.

The roadshow took in 17 different venues across the UK with sector skills councils SummitSkills, AssetSkills and ConstructionSkills providing various break-out sessions and discussion forums.

Speakers included representatives of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, local authorities and the three skills sector councils.   

SummitSkills operations manager, Robert Blake, said: “From an industry point of view there is definitely a suspicion and a lack of confidence in Green Deal but there is also definitely commitment from the government.

“Not all of the  i s are dotted and  t s crossed but commitment is there and it will be starting in October. What we are trying to do is unscramble any confusion.”