Green Investment Bank relocation response from Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton has issued a response to today’s announcement that the UK Green Investment Bank will be located in Edinburgh.

Nathan Goode, head of energy, environment and sustainability at Grant Thornton UK LLP, said:  “The announcement that the Green Investment Bank is to be headquartered in Edinburgh and the decision to tie this with the transactional capabilities that London offers a pragmatic outcome and a very positive signal for the renewable energy industry on a UK-wide basis.

“As the Bank has evolved, its management has increasingly emphasised theimportance of collaboration and partnership as key success factors. The chosen locations of the GIB reflect the business case we developed for Edinburgh to be the headquarter location. In the report presented to Westminster, we highlighted how Edinburgh and the wider region already has an “ecosystem” connecting industry, finance and professional services. This connectivity plays specifically to the vision of the GIB as a leading organisation acting as an a link between industry, government and finance to enable the projects it chooses to support to succeed.”