Easy FiT Co offers new service to register customers for Feed-in Tariff payments

According to the Easy FiT Reg Co, every solar panel installer knows that until the final Feed-in Tariff (FiT) registration paperwork is completed and submitted, their customers cannot claim their tariff payments.  Unfortunately, this task is somewhat tedious, and does not always receive the attention it deserves; sometimes, the five day deadline for registration after installation completion is missed, causing customer dissatisfaction.

The Easy FiT Reg Co. registers customers for their Feed-in Tariff payments and is available to all MCS approved installers, as well as private individuals seeking help with registration.

Users of the website are able to submit the necessary information directly to The Easy FiTCo via a secure user area on the website. Trained staff then complete the registration process dealing with time consuming calls to customers and chasing up energy companies. Customers are often successfully registered for their payments within 48 hours. Customer information remains confidential and you can keep track of progress from your user area.

To register for the service visit the website and there is a fee of £30 + vat for each completed registration making it a very cost effective solution.

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