Assessing the future

Ecoskies Renewable Energy Training outlines how its training will help with the EPC ratings.

An important part of the government’s plan for renewables has been crowded into the background by the uproar surrounding the state of the solar PV Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

In the same document that laid out the FiT cuts, DECC also made it clear that its plans will include the requirement for Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessments on properties with renewable energy installations before they are eligible for a full tariff.

For example, while the first phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) has no energy assessment requirement, it is highly likely that the RHI’s second phase will require an EPC rating on all homes with installations of level C or better.

EcoSkies Renewable Energy Training centres, based in Chesterfield, has anticipated this future requirement by creating a three-day Domestic Energy Assessor’s (DEA) course.  This enhances their portfolio of renewable energy installer training courses which includes solar PV, solar thermal, biomass and domestic heat pumps.

Brett Pearson, business development manager of EcoSkies, said: “DECC appears committed to bringing EPC requirements in the future.  If they put those requirements in place, there’s no reason for an installer to have to watch extra revenue go to an outside DEA assessor on their own installs.  We say, come to us and let us help you get accreditation now.  You’ll have a versatile new arrow in your quiver, plus you’ll be augmenting the services you offer your customers.”

Despite the recent developments around FiTs Pearson maintains a positive outlook on the state of the PV industry.  He said: ‘We believe in PV because it makes sense as a technology and as an investment.  Our commitment to renewables training across the spectrum of technologies, including PV, is as strong as it’s ever been.  The uncertainty in the market lately has done absolutely nothing to change that.’