What’s in a name?

The Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association’s (HVCA) name change is a sign of the times, says the organisation’s president Bob Shelley.

Having operated under the HVCA banner as a professional body for building services engineering contractors since 1963, it has now bid farewell to the name and re-emerged as the Building and Services Engineering Association (B&SE).   

Shelley addressed HVCA’s annual luncheon recently explaining the decision to re-brand adding: “Our Association will be 107 years old in March. Therefore, we have not taken at all lightly the decision to lay aside an identity that has served us very well indeed for nearly half-a-century.

“The term H&V barely scratches the surface of the diverse, sophisticated and highly complex nature of the work our members now undertake.

“Our membership embraces many other specialisms – all of which sit comfortably under the ‘building and engineering services’ descriptor.”