STA disappointed with DECC’s appeal decision

The Solar Trade Association has responded to the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Supreme Court Appeal.

The STA is disappointed to see DECC going ahead with its second appeal of December’s Judicial Review on Feed-in Tariffs (FITs) after the case has already been rejected by four judges. This could prolong by several months the consumer uncertainty for installations between 12th December 2011 and 3rd March 2012, which is most regrettable.

STA Chairman Howard Johns comments:

“We had hoped that DECC would put an end to the disruption being caused to the sector by this court case. A win in this case – whilst unlikely – would set a very bad precedent undermining the case for investment in renewables in the UK. The solar sector has been struggling to cope with the number of consultations around the feed in tariff this year and the uncertainty they have caused – surely now is the time to move on from this situation.”

The STA and REA are currently working hard to ensure that solar PV takes its rightful place in the Renewable Energy Roadmap, due to be reviewed later in the year.