Power to the people

Power-One, provider of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and power management solutions, today has installed 25MW of Aurora solar power inverters in one of the largest PV installations to date in India.

Financed by the State Bank of India, this program features 25MW of Power-One’s central modular inverters in Gujarat, India. The project developer is Visual Percept Solar Projects Pvt.

A total of 73 units of  Aurora PVI-330.0-TL indoor inverters have been installed along with medium voltage switch gears and transformers, to properly meet GETCO directive for energy injection in the transmission network. The entire project is sited in an area of 50 hectares covered by more than 100,000 polycrystalline solar panels.

Once completed, this project will supply clean energy to the electricity grid. And, says Power-One, thanks to its multiple MPPT (maximum power-point tracking) technology and the modular design of the Aurora PLUS Inverter, this installation will benefit from the highest levels of energy harvesting.

Dr. Alex Levran, president of renewable energy solutions at Power-One, said: “This project is another example of how Power-One is helping India’s solar economy to grow. We are continuing to be the inverter manufacturer of choice in this region with our popular modular Aurora central inverters which offer maximum energy harvesting for our customers. We are very pleased to have worked very closely with our partners Visual Percept Solar Projects Pvt on this very ambitious project.”

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