I like driving in my car, says Sundog Energy md

Sundog Energy’s managing director, Bill Roberts’s, all-electric company car is now using the power of the sun, generated direct from the company’s 14kWp roof top solar PV installation. And, having just clocked 10,000 miles in less than 6 months, Bill’s Nissan Leaf appears on the Nissan telemetrics website as one of the world’s highest mileage electric vehicles.

Running on 100 per cent electric power, rather than petrol or diesel, the LEAF emits no CO or other exhaust fumes and, when it is charged with solar electricity, it is entirely CO-free.  

According to Roberts:I Iove driving my electric car and it just goes to show that motoring really can be clean, green, quiet and fun, and with almost zero running costs now it is powered by our own solar generated electricity!”

“Solar PV is a wonderful investment.  Not only do you get a great return from your money but by generating your own green electricity, you are also investing in a positive legacy for future generations and the environment.  Motoring is a major cause of carbon emissions, so by shifting to solar powered electric cars, individuals and small businesses can cut their emissions as well as their running costs.”

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