Feed-in Tariff ruling: What does it mean for the UK solar industry?

Lee Summers, technical director at the Alumet Group commented:  “The High Court ruling on the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for solar PV will have numerous consequences for the UK solar industry. It is hoped that some much need certainty will return and that we can go back to planning and running our business sustainably.”

According to Summers, it is looking likely that the government will look to overturn the decision in the Supreme Court however the overwhelming opinion of the solar trade bodies is that the High Court ruling will be upheld and that the pre 12 December rates will be reinstated until 3 March.

Summers added: “This means that there is an opportunity here for the solar industry in the UK to make some real headway again. At EOS Energy (part of the Alumet group) we had anticipated this outcome and therefore have good levels of stock on our major lines. It is moving quickly however so please get in contact to avoid disappointment.” 

EOS has pledged not to increase its prices to ‘cash in’ on the potential gold rush and is confident that any orders placed by the 10 February will be installed before the new proposed deadline.