Broseley Fires warming news

With Christmas just around the corner, more householders than ever before are looking forward to a ‘green’ Christmas thanks to the growing popularity of wood burning stoves, says Broseley Fires.

The Shropshire-based company says it has seen a dramatic increase in sales of its market-leading stoves and it has been working flat-out to meet demand in the run-up to the festive season.

In fact the company recently experienced it busiest ever week, selling 227 stoves in the five days from November 7. During the same week last year it sold 183 stoves, an increase of nearly 25 per cent. What’s more, compared with sales in 2009 it marks a staggering rise of 95 per cent.

 According to the firm’s managing director, John Reeves, the increase in popularity of wood burners has been driven by rising fuel costs and fears that another cold winter is on the way.

 “Environmental concerns are also a major factor,” Reeves said. “An increasing number of people are recognising the fact that using a wood burning stove can have significant environmental benefits.

 “Unlike fossil fuels, wood burners rely on renewable resources and thanks to advances in stove technology they are extremely efficient.”

In fact the latest range of wood burning products are more than 80 per cent efficient, compared to an open fire which is less that 30 per cent efficient. Most gas fires, meanwhile, only achieve efficiencies of between 30 and 50 per cent.

As well as being kind to the environment, stoves can also be kind to household budgets. Many Broseley customers are now enjoying savings of more than 60 per cent on fuel bills after buying a boiler stove as part of an integrated energy saving system incorporating solar panels and/or a thermal store.

 What’s more, the latest stoves meet the latest DEFRA regulations that allow use in smoke control areas. 

“As a result we are seeing stoves installed in a much wider range of properties and our most popular eVolution range of wood burning stoves have been designed to look good in even the most modern properties,” Reeves continued.

“With so much going for wood burning stoves, it’s no real surprise that so many households are looking forward to keeping the cold at bay this winter with a wood burning stove,” he added.