Solar pioneer reacts to Feed-in Tariff cuts

A manufacturer and solar pioneer has spoken out about the government Feed-in Tariff cuts, just as the UK had put faith into sustainable opportunities from solar energy.

Bruce Cross, managing director of GB Sol, an independent UK manufacturer of PV modules commented: “These drastic cuts are symbolic of the ‘stop start’ mentality that the government has around their prior alleged vision of a long term green sustainable society. Backtracking decisions like this destroy public and corporate enthusiasm just as projects were under way, so moves like this are so counterproductive. Looking at the previous 18 months PV jobs have grown to 25, 000. Now the majority of these new jobs will probably disappear. People’s investment in a forward thinking and economical option for their homes will have been in vain.  It is likely that we will witness PV companies revert back to low level bespoke equipment projects rather the ethical neighbourhoods we had all been promised would change society for a sustainable and affordable future.”