Scale of Feed-in Tariff anger no surprise to renewable energy company

The revolt in the House of Commons yesterday (November 23) over government proposals to slash Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) payments by more than half was welcomed by a leading renewable energy company.
A significant number of Liberal Democrats including transport minister Norman Baker made it clear they opposed the coalition’s plans to cut the tariff for solar PV schemes up to 4kW from 43.3/kWh to 21p/kWh.
The seriousness of the issue was compounded by the coalition’s announcement on October 31 that – subject to consultation – the cuts would come into effect from December 12.
David Hunt, a director with Eco Environments said: “We are pleased that the coalition has witnessed the extent of the anger to its proposals to slash the Feed-in-Tariffs by more than half which will cause serious and lasting damage to the renewable energy sector.
“While companies offering multiple technologies such as our own are strong enough to survive, the savagery of the proposed cuts will decimate large parts of our industry, leaving many thousands of people on the jobs scrapheap.
“The government maintains that its announcement is intended to provide the solar industry with a clear and sustainable growth path, avoiding boom and bust, but its proposals will cause exactly that.
“The renewable energy sector is one of the few growing sectors in the UK and global economy which makes the Government’s proposals even more mystifying.”
Eco Environments has its head office in Liverpool and regional offices in Carlisle, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham and North Wales. During the next few months, further offices will open in the south of England. Staff numbers will also rise to approximately 60 during the current financial year and turnover is expected to rise from £1.4million to £5million.