Pramac UK opens showroom in London



Pramac UK has opened a new showroom in London, situated in the heart of London at the London Building Centre.

The company says the new showroom will provide the opportunity for anyone associated with energy generation, building or retro-fit activities to understand the Pramac approach to delivering sustainable product solutions. Ecological sustainability is a characteristic that has been linked with Pramac for several years and having completed a number of renewable energy projects around the world, focus has now turned to the UK.

The UK Solar PV industry will be able to benefit from utilising the Pramac Luce Micromorph range of photovoltaic modules, as the improved performance is between 5 and 18 per cent higher than traditional silicon crystalline modules. Increased yields and efficiencies are improved as these panels work very well in diffused light conditions due to the excellent response of amorphous silicon to the visible spectrum light, making the Pramac photovoltaic module suitable for use in roof and ground mount, and rooftop applications. However, the Pramac photovoltaic modules are very well suited for integrated applications and being incorporated into the design on both the roof and to the sides of buildings, and flat & low pitch applications.

Wayne Steele, Pramac UK managing director commented: “Quality and innovation is core to our product development strategy, leveraging our research and development capabilities, coupled with strong design practices, guaranteeing high performance products. Cutting edge manufacturing, revolutionary design and a focus to the future, ensure we are ideally placed to have our products incorporated in to new-build and retro-fit projects alike.” Neil Durno, national sales manager, renewable energy added: “The Building Centre will be our showroom for the Energy Generation product range, where architects, construction engineers and installation companies can see the products for themselves. We will be showcasing our solar photovoltaic panels; which have a range of various mounting options allowing customers the choice of module based on specific needs and help minimise balance of system costs. The RevolutionAir, wind micro-turbine, designed by Philippe Starck will also be on display; combining efficiency with design, the product range can be used in projects from residential property to remote, off-grid applications, satisfying every day energy needs, in an aesthetically appealing, with very little noise.”