On-line solar calculator should help dispel ‘false’ calculations

According to Ecovision, recent headline-grabbing changes to the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) have left the consumer in the dark. It is now more critical than ever to restore consumer confidence and provide an accurate calculation of the financial benefits of installing solar PV.

The company has developed a Solar Calculator, which will put to rest any ‘false’ calculations that unscrupulous companies have been claiming. Inflated savings and inaccurate installation costs have left many disappointed, says Ecovision adding that it provides the only service on the internet which quickly and simply works out how much a roof can earn and at what cost. The Solar Calculator enables the consumer to click on a Google map image of the house, mark the size of the roof, select the pitch, fill out details and the results are then submitted to the applicant’s inbox.  A quote for two systems will be generated which will include:

  • The largest possible solar panel system that can fit, what it will cost and the income it will generate.
  • The most efficient solar panel system that can fit on the roof, what it will cost and the income it will generate.
  • The installation cost, annual tax free payment to you and totals that figure over 25 years at an index linked inflation rate of 3 per cent.  The income is made up of the annual FiT, the annual export benefit and the annual savings benefit.In addition, Ecovision has reacted to the government’s revised FiT with a measure to ensure that consumers committed to reducing carbon emissions and electricity bills can still get maximum benefit from the FiT.  With a significant £5,000 reduction in the installation costs to £9,495, the payback is 10 years with 15 years of tax free profit.

“I wanted to create an online tool that could accurately calculate the cost and return from solar panels, from the total or part portion of an individual’s roof space offering the most beneficial solution, not just the largest. Nobody else has achieved this. It took the full weight of the company’s expertise, from creation of the customer journey to fine tuning the extremely complex formula involved. I encourage anyone considering going green and maximising a sleeping asset to use the Solar Calculator, it’s free to use and backed by the friendly expertise of Ecovision,” Jeff Ryder, project manager, Ecovision.