IV Solar provides installation teams to help with high demand

In response to the government’s sudden and unexpected decision to fast-track solar tariff cuts, many companies involved in the provision of solar PV systems are desperate to complete as many installations as possible to ensure customers receive the old tariff.

In order to qualify for the higher feed in tariff rate of 43.3 pence p/kWh for the next 25 years, the installation of solar panel installations will need to be completed and commissioned before 12 December 2011. Customers who register after this date will only receive the old tariff until 1 April 2012, after which the new tariff of 21 pence will take effect.

The increasing demand for experienced installation teams is now higher than ever, reports IV Solar, a specialist recruitment and sub-contracting company providing complete installation teams to help solar companies cope with the sudden change.

Dan Stephenson, managing director of IV Solar, said: “Companies within the industry are now overwhelmed with customers, many of whom have already placed orders but desperately need their systems installed and connected within just a few weeks. At IV Solar, not only are we providing companies with additional resource, but we are drawing upon the most experienced and efficient teams that have the ability to get 4kWp jobs finished in 1-2 days.”

IV Solar provide quality installation teams across the UK, whether it is for a single 2kWp installation, multiple domestic projects or even complete commercial jobs of up to 50kWp (or around 200 panels). The completion of a project can be arranged at a fixed ‘per installation’ price.

The company’s highly specialist consultants are also busy helping those with experience in the installation of solar panels find work at the most attractive pay rates. If you would like to be considered for this type of work and have experience of solar installations on either the roofing or electrical side, IV Solar will be happy to hear from you.