PV power

Enecsys is offering a cost-saving 480W duo micro inverter for solar PV modules

The duo concept connects two solar PV modules with power point tracking for maximised energy harvest at no cost premium over string inverters.

The SMI-D480W-60, a 480 Watt micro inverter, mounts on the railing system and accepts DC input from two individual solar modules. This duo micro inverter enables maximum power point tracking for both modules and reduces inverter cost compared with using one micro inverter per module so that there is no cost premium over string inverters.

The DC power generated by the two solar modules is converted into a single, grid-compliant AC output in the 480W unit, which has a maximum input current of 24A. With a peak efficiency of 96 per cent and Euro efficiency of 94 per cent, the new micro inverter is housed in an IP66-rated enclosure. It weighs 2.1kg and the main body measures 245mm x 160mm x 40mm. The Enecsys SMI D480W-60 has the highest power density of any commercially available solar micro inverter.

App happy

A new iPhone application, compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS models, is also announced. Installers can use the application to monitor multiple sites located anywhere in the world, from anywhere with a mobile data connection. For each site, information is provided about the installation date, location, current weather conditions and real-time as well as historical system performance information.