Krannich Solar announces new support offer

As part of Krannich Solar’s aim to become established as UK brand leader, the company are developing a range of practical initiatives to support installers as they, in turn, seek to grown their own businesses. The first of these initiatives is a three-tiered support plan for installers competing for tenders from either local government or organisations such as housing associations, schools etc.

Tier One

Krannich Solar UK has commissioned Carolyn Roberson Consulting (CRC) to produce an on-line brochure with practical advice to help anyone tendering for contracts understand any jargon, get to know what organisations are seeking – what turns them on – and gain a “competitive advantage” over any competitors.

Tier Two

Krannich Solar has also negotiated a 20 per cent reduction in CRC’s normal daily rate for one-on-one consultation and ‘hand-holding’ throughout a tender process. Obviously this will be most helpful when installers are negotiating for larger or ‘life-changing’ contracts which are worth a significant investment to succeed.

CRC can visit to discuss in person anywhere in the UK; engage in detailed and repeated telephone consultations and even fill in the tender documents. It really is a bespoke service.
CRC has generated over £15m of new business for clients in the last three years.

Tier Three

Krannich Solar recognises that winning large contracts for smaller businesses can be just the start of a difficult process. Over-trading is a constant worry for ambitious companies and cash-flow is always difficult to control.

In the correct circumstances, therefore, Krannich Solar is committed to helping partners and will be willing to discuss extended credit arrangements to enable installers to carry out large contracts without seeking additional help from their banks – which in the current climate are likely to be refused.

“We are part of a large pan-European company and as such have access to significant financial backing,” commented CEO Juan Romera Wade. “It is our ambition to develop long-lasting partnerships with our key installers and, if we can help in any way to develop their business, that is what we want to do.

With this multi-level approach – which aims to help large and small companies alike – we hope that Krannich Solar Support will be a down-to-earth practical way in which we can work together.”