Homeowners could make over £32,000 with solar says new website

According to Our Solar Britain, its energy calculator highlights homeowners’ savings and Feed-in Tariff revenues from solar installation.

The average homeowner in the United Kingdom could save £32,000 – over £1,200 per year – through the installation of solar panels according to a new savings calculator provided by the Our Solar Britain initiative. Located at, the consumer campaign’s energy calculator combines estimated savings on energy bills with potential financial gains from the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) to give users an idea of the money they can make through adopting renewable energy over a 25 year period. An average home in the UK will generate 2850kW per year, some of which can also be sold back to the National Grid through the FiT incentives.

  • Unlike many other calculators, the Our Solar Britain website simplifies the process for estimating the financial gain from solar energy
  • Through its simple three click method, whereby users are asked to select their house type and location, to get a more accurate estimate of the financial reasons to adopt solar
  • According to the results, homeowners in Devon stand to make the most from solar energy in the UK, based on the frequency of clear days and the common roof types in the area
  • Those with an average sized semi-detached home in the region can make over £1,400 per year if they install premium efficiency panels on their roof
  • Alongside the calculator, the website aims to provide a wealth of information for homeowners on both the environmental reasons to install solar panels alongside the financial argument
  • The Feed in Tariff (FiT) is explained in detail and a forecast of major environmental milestones that will arise over the next 20 years can also be found
  • Not included in the solar calculator due to various complexities, homeowners that install solar panels on their roofs also stand to benefit from a boost to the value of the property
  • Twitter and Facebook profiles will provide direct points of contact for homeowners and businesses requiring more information

Kamil Shah of Wagner Solar, one of the backers of the Our Solar Britain project commented: “The Our Solar Britain Solar Calculator demonstrates in seconds just how compelling the argument to install solar is for homeowners in the UK. Britain is well behind many European nations in adopting solar technology, but given both the financial and the ethical incentives the UK is destined to catch up.

“We felt there was just not enough easily accessible information around for those considering solar and other renewable technologies – and Our Solar Britain is a direct response to this. You don’t need any technical knowledge now to understand what solar can do for you.”

David Tompkins, owner of David Tompkins Estate Agents commented: “The efficiency of your home is already assessed during the sale process, and in the future your efficiency score will significantly add to the attractiveness of your home to buyers. A home that offers owners savings on energy bills – which continue to rise dramatically – and even provide an extra revenue stream for the buyers has very obvious attractions, but added to that you also avoid any future green taxes designed to reduce the country’s CO2 emissions.”