Farmer praises PV

A Spalding farmer is generating renewable energy following Lark Energy’s installation of a 63 kWp PV solar power system.

The barn at Eddie Whitfield’s Bank House Farm now not only generates much of the energy needed for its own operations but also generates income from the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme.

The PV installation was designed and installed by Bourne-based Lark Energy. The company initially installed 216 individual panels on a roof that the farmer partially reclad to ensure it will last as long as the panels – a guaranteed 25 years.

Whitfield was so pleased with the installation he then asked Lark Energy to install a further 57 panels taking the total installation size to 63kWp.

The PV panels were made by Hyundai and supplied by Larkfleet Group company Eco Building Products, Market Deeping near Peterborough.

The PV panels will produce electricity from daylight, generating useable power even on cloudy days. Over a full year the system will produce 52 MWh and could save the farmer over £2,500 each year from electricity bills as well as generating additional revenue from the FiT.

Jonathan Selwyn, managing director of Lark Energy, commented: “This type of system, with a guaranteed return on investment, is proving to be of increasing interest to farmers. Barn roofs are an ideal location for PV panels.”

Whitfield said: “We are gaining both through cutting our own power bills and making money from the Feed-in Tariff – and at the same time we are helping the environment by taking our power from a renewable source.”

Lark Energy focuses on developing and installing PV systems for commercial applications. This year alone the company has been responsible for the installation of over 30,000 PV panels on roof top and land projects. It also provides site-wide renewable energy solutions for new housing and commercial developments for the Larkfleet Group and for its partners and clients.