Boxing clever

According to Schueco UK, the Schueco PowerHouse is a complete PV solar energy system in a box, that will give MCS-registered installers the speed and convenience of a single order point, with scheduled deliveries direct to their premises, at a price that is highly competitive.

Schueco PowerHouse has been developed to enable installers to enhance their service to customers by ensuring that installations are not delayed through the non-arrival of vital components such as inverters. Since it offers the whole system in one kit package, Schueco PowerHouse cuts out the need to deal with different suppliers so security of supply is assured, trouble-free fitting is facilitated and customer satisfaction is increased.

Each PowerHouse box contains all the components required for a 2520 kw domestic PV system. These consist of 12 modules (PS05 210wp), the mounting system, an approved G83 inverter, DC and AC isolators, a generation meter, DC cable, roof anchors and warning labels. Kits with different output sizes will be available in the near future. To give customers complete peace of mind, all Schueco components carry written guarantees and warranties.