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Grant heat pumps extend guarantee with G1 Scheme

Grant UK is excited to reveal that G1 Installers who are accredited to fit its heat pumps can now access longer guarantees on the Aerona³ heat pumps that they purchase, install and register through the G1 Scheme. From 1st March 2020, Aerona³ units which are installed by a G1 Air Source Heat Pump Installer will […]

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Heat pumps – more than just a renewable heating solution?

The Climate Change debate and the obvious need to reduce energy use mean that Heat Pumps on a commercial and industrial basis are becoming increasingly relevant. However, the application of Heat Pumps on a wider retrofit basis, to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions for existing buildings and processes, can be restricted due to the […]

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ECA’s Luke Osborne optimistic about technology’s role in low-to-no-carbon future

Luke Osborne, the Energy and Emerging Technologies Solutions advisor at ECA, sees many opportunities and solutions ahead on the road to a low-to-no-carbon future, but the correct measures must be firmly in place first. In the past decade, renewable energy has undergone a considerable shift within the UK. Having once been a virtual non-entity, it […]

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Powering parks

Putting ground source heat pumps beneath the UK’s parks and playing fields could create enough clean energy to heat the equivalent of five million homes. That’s according to a new report from the 10:10 Foundation, that predicts this could save eight million tonnes of carbon emissions each year while also improving air quality and generating […]

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BayWa r.e. on track to construct Europe’s largest floating solar farm  

Bomhofsplas solar farm

Global renewable energy developer, service provider and distributor BayWa r.e. is currently constructing its largest ever floating solar farm. Once complete, the 27.4MWp Bomhofsplas solar farm will be the world’s largest floating PV installation outside of China.  The project, in partnership with Zimmermann PV-Stahlbau GmbH, is being built on a sandpit lake in Zwolle in the Netherlands. Once complete it will consist of […]

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ValkPro+ for solar panels approved for installation with ROCKWOOL®

ValkPro+ mounting system for solar panels on flat roofs has been approved for use on roofs fitted with ROCKWOOL insulation materials: Caproxx Energy, Tauroxx, Rhinoxx, Rhinoxx D and Rhinoxx Afschot (cut to-fall). Based on the test, in which the maximum compression of the insulation boards has been determined, ROCKWOOL approves a point load of up […]

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Foresight boosts 2019 AD aggregation with acquisition of 2.5MW AD plant in East Anglia

Foresight Group LLP (“Foresight”) is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 2.5MW Anaerobic Digestion (“AD”) plant in East Anglia. The plant, located in Norfolk, processes approximately 40,000 tonnes of agricultural feedstock per annum to produce power for sale to the grid whilst benefiting from the associated FiT income as well as RHI revenue from […]

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Are you set for SEG?

As of 1 January this year, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) came into force, ensuring that any eligible small-scale low carbon generators will have access to tariff for their exported electricity. In a bid to help safeguard high standards in the industry, the Government confirmed MCS (or equivalent) as the route through which households can […]

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Macquarie completes first biogas investment

Macquarie Capital Principal Finance (Macquarie) has today announced the completion of the majority acquisition of BioCow, a leading producer and innovator in the UK biogas industry. BioCow uses anaerobic digestion to create energy from agricultural waste, by producing biomethane which can be used to heat homes and businesses and as a green transport fuel. BioCow will use […]

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Vaillant: Critical gas for heat pumps

The decarbonisation of UK heat has never been higher on the agenda. Whilst no single technology can serve as a sole solution to the climate crisis, it is widely agreed that heat pumps will play a significant role in the battle to meet net zero carbon by 2050. Craig Dolan, product manager for renewable systems […]

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