Features List

February 2015

Main feature – solar PV
Green Deal – two years on
Heat pumps
Ecobuild preview

Editorial deadline: 2nd January 2015
Booking Deadline 8th January 2015
Artwork Required 15th January 2015
Out with readers 30th January 2015


March 2015

Main feature – solar thermal
Energy efficiency
RHI update
Ecobuild preview

Editorial deadline: 2nd February 2015
Booking Deadline 8th February 2015
Artwork Required 15th February 2015
Out with readers 27th February 2015

April 2015

Main feature – biomass
Micro wind
Rainwater harvesting

Editorial deadline: 2nd March 2015
Booking Deadline 9th March 2015
Artwork Required 13 March 2015
Out with readers 27th March 2015


May 2015

Main feature – heat pumps
Professional services
Solar thermal
RHI focus

Editorial deadline: 1st April 2015
Booking Deadline 8th April 2015
Artwork Required 15 April 2015
Out with readers 1st May 2015


June 2015

Main feature – solar PV
Micro wind
Intersolar preview

Editorial deadline: 1st May 2015
Booking Deadline 11 Mayy 2015
Artwork Required 15 May 2015
Out with readers 1st June 2015


July / August 2015

Main feature – solar thermal
Energy efficiency

Editorial deadline: 1st June 2015
Booking Deadline 8th June 2015
Artwork Required 15 June 2015
Out with readers 3rd July 2015


September 2015

Main feature – biomass
H&R Awards shortlists
Heat pumps
H&R Roadshow preview

Solar Energy UK review

Editorial deadline: 3rd August 2015
Booking Deadline 10th August 2015
Artwork Required 14th August 2015
Out with readers 28th August 2015


October 2015

Main feature – heat pumps
H&R Roadshow review
Solar PV
Solar Energy UK preview

Editorial deadline: 1st September 2015
Booking Deadline 8th September 2015
Artwork Required 15th September 2015
Out with readers 2nd October 2015


November 2015

Main feature – solar PV
Professional services

Editorial deadline: 1st October 2015
Booking Deadline 8th October 2015
Artwork Required 15th October 2015
Out with readers 6th November 2015


December 2015/ January 2016

Main feature – training
Solar thermal
End of year review
The year ahead – industry predicitions

Editorial deadline: 1st November 2015
Booking Deadline 6th November 2015
Artwork Required 13th November 2015
Out with readers 4rd December 2015