ScottishPower launches its first heat pump tariff

ScottishPower has launched a Heat Pump Saver tariff, backed by 100% green electricity.

A Panasonic heat pump outside a home

A company-first, the heat pump tariff supports ScottishPower’s wider Greener Living drive and enables customers to shift more of their heating and hot water schedule into the 11am-4pm period and enjoy a reduced rate of 15p per kWh.

Saving energy. Reducing cost

For customers with an air source heat pump, heating hot water in the middle of the day, when the average ambient air temperature is warmer, is more efficient than doing it at colder times of the day. The more energy that can be moved to off-peak times of the day, the more customers can save.

Rob McGaughey, Head of Smart Heat and Cities at ScottishPower says: “We’re introducing the Heat Pump Saver Tariff as part of our ongoing commitment to lead the transition to greener living. Our Heat Pump Saver Tariff is designed to make it easier and more affordable for our customers to adopt this green technology.

“The best thing is that this tariff applies to all household usage and is available to both new and existing customers. The more our heat pump customers can shift, the more they can save.”

The Heat Pump Saver tariff is available to ScottishPower customers who:

  • Have a heat pump at their home (all heat pump installs welcome, not just those installed by ScottishPower).
  • Have a communicating smart meter that sends half-hourly readings.
  • Pay by monthly Direct Debit.

Boosting uptake

ScottishPower also recently announced its 3000th heat pump install across England, Scotland and Wales in just 18 months, with most customers receiving heat pumps and other measures for free under the Government’s ECO4 scheme.

The 3000 install milestone also includes those who have benefitted from attractive Government grants to significantly reduce the upfront costs, such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (England & Wales) and the Home Energy Scotland Grant (Scotland).

Image supplied by ScottishPower