Aztec Solar helps slash company’s carbon emissions

A leading national floorcoverings distributor has slashed its carbon emissions by 150 tonnes per year with a new solar panel system from Aztec Solar Energy.

Solar panels on a building

The headquarters now boasts 1,727 photovoltaic (PV) modules, seven inverters, and 870 optimisers on its roof. This system is set to produce over 776 megawatt hours (MWh) annually, which is the carbon-cutting equivalent of planting 6,899 trees.

The solar array features advanced glass-on-glass modules that enhance heat dissipation for greater efficiency and power output. This double glass construction also provides extra protection against fire, humidity, and ammonia emissions. The system’s inverters, which include smart safety features, are fully integrated into the company’s main fire alarm system and include a manual stop button for additional safety.

Substantial system installation without disruption

To install the substantial system without disrupting the distributor’s operations, Aztec Solar Energy utilised a 280-tonne crane over two weekends, starting each day at 4 am to position the PV modules. This careful planning ensured the installation was smooth and had no negative impact on the distributor’s day-to-day activities.

“One of the biggest installation challenges was the weather. We had to monitor, and work around, strong winds which were prevalent throughout the two-month process. Despite this issue, the system was installed without delay and within the client’s required timeframe.”

Adam Clarke from facilities management company, Statutory Support Services (UK) Limited, who project managed the installation on behalf of their client, commented: “The system designed and installed by Aztec Solar Energy is playing a vital role in reducing the carbon footprint of a large UK business. In addition to significantly lowering carbon emissions at the headquarters, the solar array’s design is expected to reduce the company’s onsite energy costs by circa 23 per cent.”

Image: Aztec Solar