Grant UK’s great Easter egg hunt is here! 

Throughout the first week of April, Grant UK is giving away lots of chocolate eggs to the lucky winners of its virtual Easter egg hunt and to installers, engineers and merchants who meet up with the sales team out on the road.   

The Easter giveaway, which is happening between 4th – 8th April 2022, is split into two segments. The first comprises of a virtual Easter egg hunt which will take place on the Grant UK website and the second element involves the giving away of chocolate eggs for those who find and meet up with a member of Grant UK’s Sales Team.  

During the virtual Easter egg hunt, eggs will be hidden on Grant UK’s website and clues about their whereabouts will be shared via their Twitter feed to help followers locate the eggs.  


Each day, an egg will be embedded into one of the pages on the professionals side of the Grant UK website and helpful clues will be published on Twitter.  

Followers need to use the clues to identify the webpage, find the egg on the website and take a screengrab to share on Twitter, making sure they tag and follow their account to enter.  

At the end of each day, Grant UK is randomly selecting the winner who will receive a luxury chocolate egg. A new virtual hunt will take place each day during the week so there are five large and delicious eggs up for grabs! 

Creme eggs for the win

Meanwhile, out on the road, all of Grant UK’s area sales managers have been equipped with boxes of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Each sales manager will be visiting merchant branches in their local area throughout the week, giving away these iconic chocolate eggs to customers who pop in store.  

Unlike the more secretive virtual Easter egg hunt, the whereabouts of the sales managers will be much easier to locate via Grant UK’s online events calendar.