‘Skills for climate’ consultation launched

A new consultation has been launched to establish if the UK has the necessary skills base to deliver a low carbon economy over the coming years.

Run by the Electrical Contractors Association in association with the Renewable Energy Association, Solar Trade Association, Building Engineering Services Association and the Electrotechnical Skills Partnership, the consultation has been launched in response to recent reports that hundreds of thousands of green jobs are soon to be created.

ECA energy advisor Luke Osborne, said; “It is vitally important that the skills base exists to deliver ambitious plans for a green record and a low carbon economy in the UK. The consultation aims to establish the state of play, and what actions are required to ensure skilled and competent people fill the likely major expansion in green jobs. ECA urges businesses from across industry to complete this important consultation.”

The consultation, which closed in August, aims to understand the current situation, and what steps need to be taken by businesses and government to ensure there is a skilled workforce available. We look forward to seeing the outcome.