NIBE launches new models of next-generation heat pumps

Leading heat pump system manufacturer, NIBE, has launched the latest products to its range, the F1155 and F1255 inverter driven ground source heat pumps, both of which have been awarded MCS certification.

“We are proud to be market leaders in this growing industry and continually seek to develop products which support consumer and installer needs,” said Robin Adderley sales director NIBE UK. “This latest product delivers extraordinary efficiencies and enjoys even more benefits to encourage consumers to reduce the use of fossil fuels.”

In a standard heat pump the compressor works by an ‘On/Off’ mechanism – the compressor is activated when heat is required and works to its maximum output to fulfil demand, meaning large buffer vessels are required. In comparison, the new intelligent Inverter driven heat pumps are speed controlled and regulate output according to demand. This allows the heat pump to automatically adjust itself to the power demand of the property which results in optimal savings and reduced energy consumption as the heat pump runs at the correct output all year round.

Two sizes are available (1.5 – 6kW and 3 – 12kW) to suit a wide range of properties. Both operate at extraordinarily high efficiency levels – SCOP 5.2 at 35°C and both have been attributed A+++ energy label rating. In addition, the new range benefits from an intuitive user interface, it offers an automatically activated guide for quick and easy set up, a help function for more information and a problem solving alarm. Furthermore the F1155 can be combined with the existing range of NIBE VPB cylinders and accessories, whilst the F1255 contains an integrated 180L cylinder.

“Inverter heat pumps have the ability to revolutionise heating in the UK particularly for those consumers that are keen to make a positive impact on their carbon footprint and reduce their dependency on fossil fuels,” said Robin. “It’s about opening up the renewable energy market to more people giving them the choice of products to provide highly efficient heat, hot water and ventilation to their home or business.”

The F1155 and F1255 heat pumps are compatible with NIBE Uplink and are MCS approved. To fulfil other requirements it is possible to control up to eight heating systems and accessorise the system to meet other applications such as pool heating, passive and active cooling and ventilation, the latter of which is achieved through the addition of the NEW NIBE ERS Heat Recovery Unit.

Robin concluded; “Renewable energy is not just about now it is also about the future and we develop products to fulfil building requirements and energy restrictions that are sustainably focused. All our heat pumps and controls are smart-grid ready and are truly future-proofed to cope with whatever demands the energy market places on consumers, installers and manufacturers.”