North Star Solar announces battery deal with Leclanché

North Star Solar have announced a strategic partnership with Leclanché to use the battery company’s TiBox home energy storage system. The TiBox uses Lithium Titanate cells and was selected by North Star primarily for its battery chemistry strength and reliability.

North Star has developed a unique financing model which allows end-users to enjoy high savings in electricity costs with repayments coming directly from energy savings, no upfront payments, indeed payments of any kind are required. The TiBox is an integral component to North Star’s offering based largely on the high number of cycles.

Paul Massara, CEO of North Star said “The 20 year life and 20,000 cycles of the TiBox solution sits well within our model and we are very excited about our partnership with Leclanché.”

North Star partners with local authorities and housing associations nationwide. Having recently announced its first deal with Stanley Town Council, County Durham, several more will follow soon. Paul Massara says “the solution is a win-win, customers benefit from lower electricity costs, our partners benefit directly and indirectly though carbon savings, the Grid benefits from greater stability – and the planet benefits from lower CO₂ emissions”.

Anil Srivastava, CEO of Leclanché explains “Leclanché is excited to be selected as the supplier for Battery Energy Storage Systems by North Star Solar. This new operational model opens the way to a far more efficient use of overall energy. Smart cities and connected homes are a new step illustrating a wider revolution in the energy generation and distribution market. We are particularly proud to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions at a national level in the UK, we are particularly delighted to accompany North Star in this project”.

“Battery Storage is the game changer for solar power. Leclanché will support North Star who will offer secured and affordable electricity for homes, businesses, schools and Grid services” adds Thierry Perronnet, Executive Vice President Specialty Battery Systems.

Stanley Council in County Durham, who announced their decision to work with North Star Solar a few weeks ago, will be the first to benefit from this strategic partnership. This could see assembly of the TiBox systems starting in the UK very soon, leading to the creation of a number of new technology jobs and supply chain opportunities.